Prime Day: TOP 10 Best Selling Audible Books and Originals

OK so hear me out: I wouldn’t be a successful twenty-first century human without getting in a plug or two. So here I go but I’m not proud of it: BEHOLD THE PLUGS OF SHAME Audible Day Prime Offer Starting from June 1, Audible Premium Plus is only $6.95 a month for the first 4Continue reading “Prime Day: TOP 10 Best Selling Audible Books and Originals”

TikTok And My Favorite Audiobooks

Hey look, it’s-a-me, Roberto: In my last post, I talked about June being Pride Month and linked to some audiobook recommendations that Audible posted back in May (The Best LGBTQIA+ Listens by Queer Authors). According to ‘the internet’ it is also Audiobook Appreciation Month! In the coming days, I will be featuring my top 20Continue reading “TikTok And My Favorite Audiobooks”

Planes, Trains, and Audiobooks

I hate flying. For every reason you could possibly think of. After my first [and last] flight some years ago, I swore off planes for good. Besides the stress brought on by my crippling fear of plunging thousands of feet to a grisly demise, I also get air sick. Even with motion sickness medicine onContinue reading “Planes, Trains, and Audiobooks”

How I Wrote and Published My First Supernatural Thriller

It all began with a nightmare. The seed was planted deep. It shook me down to my very core. I could not go back to sleep. – my wife, a reluctant poet I know that it’s not uncommon for children to have bad dreams, especially as they begin processing their environment and discovering their fears.Continue reading “How I Wrote and Published My First Supernatural Thriller”

That Time I Found Myself On AudioFile

I really am not sure how I missed it. In February of 2017, “Unsubscribe,” by Ross Newkirk went live. Description from “Unsubscribe is a short fictional book about a man named Keith who on the surface seems to be living the American dream…a wonderful family and a nice house. Keith however felt far from it.Continue reading “That Time I Found Myself On AudioFile”

TikTok, Text-To-Speech, and the VO Community

A discussion on the emergence of text-to-speech software in light of the lawsuit against TikTok The first thing my wife said when I told her about Bev Standing and her lawsuit against TikTok was “That sounds like The Little Mermaid!” and then commenced with the singing of Ariel’s famous, haunting melody. At full volume. AtContinue reading “TikTok, Text-To-Speech, and the VO Community”