TikTok And My Favorite Audiobooks

Hey look, it’s-a-me, Roberto:


In my last post, I talked about June being Pride Month and linked to some audiobook recommendations that Audible posted back in May (The Best LGBTQIA+ Listens by Queer Authors).

According to ‘the internet’ it is also Audiobook Appreciation Month! In the coming days, I will be featuring my top 20 audiobooks: the best sellers and the ones I had the most fun recording. Today, I’m talking about the Mind Dimensions Series by Dima Zales and Anna Zaires.


I consider this role to be my big break. This is where I leveled up.

This was the role that boosted my confidence, and came to me at just the right time. I was working as a machine operator back then, on the second shift. It was an OK job, but I was miserable. Though I was working full-time, making less than $15/hour is a slog. And then there was the mandatory overtime. I was broke, working myself to the bone, and never got to see my family.

I decided to audition for Thought Readers.

And I was certain I had bombed.

But then, my audition got a response.

That response turned into a 2nd audition.

That audition turned into a virtual meeting with the authors.

That virtual meeting turned into two offers. For two different series.

That’s when I realized it was time to put on my big boy pants and turn this thing into more than just a gig. This was my opportunity to step up and bring out the performer I knew I had inside. All I needed was the right challenge.

I did, in fact, encounter some new challenges with these books. The first one had to do with my production process. I would do several different takes of an important scene or where I flubbed. And then I would re-listen to the whole audiobook just to be sure all the mistakes and multiple takes are removed. So, recording what would end up being a 6-hour audiobook turned into a 20-hour production process. But it was still better than operating machines and when I was done, I had a finished product that I could be proud of!

(Later I’ll discuss punch-and-roll editing and how it saves so much time)

The second challenge was in doing a Russian accent. It’s important to know that the authors happen to speak Russian, so my insecure self had some serious self-doubt going on. But one of the many great things about working with these authors is that they always came back with kind words; whether they were full of praise or constructive feedback.

And on top of that, they encouraged me to have fun with it.

Overall, we had a great time working together. The Mind Dimensions series is clever, adventurous, and funny. I had a blast playing these characters and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them, too.


To any new narrators who might be reading, keep at it! Audition for the books that will challenge you. Who knows where the road will take you, or who you’ll become.

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Happy Audiobook Appreciation Month!



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