That Time I Found Myself On AudioFile

I really am not sure how I missed it.

In February of 2017, “Unsubscribe,” by Ross Newkirk went live.

Description from

“Unsubscribe is a short fictional book about a man named Keith who on the surface seems to be living the American dream…a wonderful family and a nice house. Keith however felt far from it. He was frustrated about how his life had become so busy with things he did not want. So busy in fact he could not even be grateful for what he had. But all this is about to change late one Saturday when he decides to tackle some of the chores on the ever growing honey-do list that his wife has posted on the fridge. The one thing on the list that has infuriated him the most is what ultimately leads him to his freedom. Before long, he finds himself moving up the corporate ladder and rebuilding his relationship with his wife and kids. Ultimately, he is even credited with transforming the company he works for.”

I really like this book and had fun narrating it!

After it came out, I kept a watchful eye on it for a long time. I would frequent Audiofile Magazine, hoping to catch it should it pop up…

…and then work and home life got a little busy. My wife had recently begun working full time as an EMT, and I balanced recording time and stay-at-home-papa stuff. It was a little chaotic, but it felt good to be busy.

And after a while, I forgot to keep checking.

That’s when I found it (minus the thousand).


A whole




Picard Facepalm GIF by MOODMAN - Find & Share on GIPHY

It turns out that accessing the site from my computer, rather than my phone, allowed for the review to show up. It just hadn’t occurred to me to try that route instead!

Better late than never, right? Well, lesson learned.

So here I am, two years later, in May of 2021, finally deciding to tell you about it.





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